Working with Functions in R

Like it happens in any programming language, functions enable to enclose related lines of code into a reusable block. Values can be passed to the functions in the form of parameters and received from the functions using return values. In R, function have the following syntax: <- function( param1, param2, param3 = default.value)  { … Continue reading Working with Functions in R


Inline editor in Angular

Inline Editing is a technology that allows you to select any editable element on the page and edit it in-place. The inline-editor component for angular is used to create such UI elements which become editable whenever we click on it. In this blog, we will see how to use ng2-inline-editor to achieve inline editing. USING NG2-INLINE-EDITOR In … Continue reading Inline editor in Angular

React with Redux

As we know now, React handles the UI layer for presentation of the data to the user. Redux, on the other hand, is the state container which handles the data changes predictably and consistently for the application. React and Redux form an awesome twosome which make building fast and trendy applications a very easy task, … Continue reading React with Redux