Event Calendar in React

In this blog, I give the steps to include an event calendar(like the outlook or google calendar) in your React application. This can be done using react-big-calendar. Installation Install using npm. Code Inclusions Include react-big-calendar/lib/css/react-big-calendar.css for styles. I copied from node-modules to src/styles and imported the same in src/index.js as below Define Calendar Component Now the … Continue reading Event Calendar in React

Understanding different visualization layers of ggplot

Ggplot2 is a system for 'declaratively' creating graphics, based on "The Grammar of Graphics". The ggplot works on the philosophy of adding layers to the visualization to visualize your data effectively. It has 7-layers grammatical elements as shown below: In this article, we will use mtcars inbuilt data frame to understand various aspects of ggplot. … Continue reading Understanding different visualization layers of ggplot