7 steps to excel in CSS

Are you scared of CSS ? Do you think you cannot control the styling and positioning of your elements?

You are just 7 steps away from overcoming this fear and adding another beautiful feather to your cap!

Here are my 7 recommendations on how to approach and excel in CSS:

  1.  Get the basics right: Start with the basics and take each one in complete detail be it box model or display property or position. Make sure you understand it well before progressing with the next one. You need to understand Selectors, combinators, box model , pseudo classes, pseudo items very well before gaining comfort on flexbox and grid layout models.
  2. Practice each concept individually well to understand intricacies like when to use it or when not to.
  3. Follow specific content like w3 or mdn. Don’t get overwhelmed by the ocean of content on CSS available on the internet. Pick up the one which you find easy to follow and just go with it. As you gain comfort you can start looking at other material.
  4. Avoid trial and error way of coding: Often I have seen people coding in the debugger by trying out different properties and seeing how it changes the layout. Its a good way to learn and understand the way css impacts your webpage but make sure you understand every single change. As you improve with practice, try to make it right the first time(while coding). As you strive to achieve this, you will excel with full control.
  5. Pick up your idea website and apply different css styles to see how you can present the same in different ways. This gives you control over your CSS code.
  6. Read regularly: Keep yourself up-to-date with the new happenings in the CSS world to stay ahead and comfortable always.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Take the Dive!

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