Book-Therapy: ‘The Miracle Morning’

'Books are a uniquely portable magic' ~ Stephen King

In Book-Therapy, as the name suggests, I uncover the magic behind numerous life changing books by sharing reviews and learnings from these priceless treasures. This will be a truly refreshing therapy for the mind and soul.

My first book-pick for the month of November is a personal favourite “The Miracle Morning”.

What better way to start your day but with a miraculous morning which ensures many more miracles will follow! By getting the morning right, you are ready to transform your day and your life for the good.

@SkillGaze, I am constantly bringing ways to help you improve learnability to be super-successful in whatever you do. This therapy is suitable for you, no matter if you are super-busy or idle,  too-fast or slow, too- stressed or bored in life.

The Miracle Morning(TMM) establishes an infallible morning routine which sets you on the path to infinite happiness and success and helps you unleash your true potential.

As the Miracle Morning Mission states “Change Millions of Lives, One Miracle Morning at a Time“, let’s get aboard!

What is The Miracle Morning?

This is the amazing story and secret of Hal Elrod, who transformed his life from the lowest depths of death and despair to a living example of unbounded success and miracles.

In this book he lays down a 6-step morning routine to help bring out THE BEST in YOU(That you are really not aware of yet!)

The first step to this is to Wake up early so that you have a  window for yourself to follow this routine. Even if you are not a morning person, this is really worth a try ! Trust me, you will never say that again!

I am sharing the common 60 minute MM schedule, but on a busy day, this can be as short as 6 minutes too!


Start your MM with a 5-minute Silence period. Sitting peacefully, praying, meditating, focusing on your breadth, or just being full of gratitude and keeping your mind free of thoughts. If thoughts still come in, let them just pass.


I am the best“-You are what you think you are. This step is programming your mind to be what you want to become or achieve. It is as simple as repeatedly saying to yourself with complete belief all the positive things which you want in yourself. Starting with “I am the best programmer in the world” to ” I am very beautiful and compassionate” to “I have a great relationship with my manager, my spouse” etc. etc…, whatever is important for you. Prepare your set of unique affirmations(you can find some nice ones online and this set can change based on your changing aspirations in life) and spend 5 minutes reading these to yourself over and over, completely believing in each word you read.


You are now filled with positive thoughts about yourself after affirmations. The next step is to visualize the same positivity. If you can do it naturally, just close your eyes and visualize yourself as the person you want to be and in the scenarios you want to be. (For e.g. receiving the employee of the year award or seeing your company grow to a size of 1000 employees ). Another way is to create a vision board for yourself with pictures where you want to see yourself and visualize yourself in each of those pictures. These 5 minutes to live in the world of your aspirations and dreams with the true feeling of being present there.


This one we all know and acknowledge but still have excuses for non-action. Being awake early, you now have the time to put on your running shoes and hit the road. Give a 20-30 minutes good exercise to your body in whichever format you like, walking, running, yoga, zumba, aerobics, gym…


You must have heard the fact that the average CEO reads 60 books a year. Reading good books is surely one of the secret formulas to success, which is out for you to bring to practice. What better time than the morning to get the company of a nice positive book ! Depending on your reading speed and available time, reading 10-15 pages of a good book should be a perfect starter for a terrific day ahead.


The last piece of the morning is Journaling. Writing your thoughts, your aspirations, your achievements from yesterday, your plan for today – professionally as well as personally.


S.A.V.E.R.S. are the condensed best practices of Personal Development which you can  fit into your routine with a little push and feel the difference yourself!

I have put down the recipe of The Miracle Morning in this short capsule but I strongly recommend you read the book to truly appreciate its value.

These are truly life SAVERS! You can only understand once you bring this to practice! Begin today and take up the 30-day challenge.

Do share your experiences here or join like-minded folks on The MM Facebook community.



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