Getting Started with R

The best way to learn anything new is to do it, be hands-on.

Hence the first thing you must do as a developer is to install R on your machine and play with it.

Download R and R-Studio

Download R-studio from following URL:

Choose the Open Source Desktop version for learning purposes.

Download R by following the path specific to your OS from the following URL:

CRAN stands for Comprehensive R Archive Networks. So, this is the place where you can find a lot of resources on R.

R setup should be started before R Studio and both can run in parallel. Just accept the defaults and complete the installation process.

Hello World!

Hello world is the really the mother of all programming. Almost always you start with this and then expand your learning.

Launch R-studio Rstudio

and you will see something like below. R3

Now to write our first HelloWorld script, let’s create a new RScript file.


And write our first line of code as below.


Clicking on the Run button on the toolbar shows following output in the console and clicking on Source button shows the source details.


That is it! You are all set to learn R-programming.

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