Why Learnability?

What is Learnability?

Learnability is the desire and ability to quickly expand and adapt one’s skill set. People are beginning to realise the significance of learnability for an individual as well as an organisation. Learnability is critical to stay employable and thrive in this fast-changing global workplace.

In this blog, we will understand why we need to and how we can improve Learnability.

Learnability For Individuals

If you are happy doing the same work year on year and feel satisfied that no one can replace you as you are simply the best for the job. This maybe true, to some extent, only if your job is extremely complex and includes you devising new methodologies and handling new challenges on a day-to-day basis. For everyone else, you really need to get serious about your skills!

The biggest truth is that there is no person who is irreplaceable at the workplace and there is no technology or skill which is here to stay as it is for ever. The hard-hitting truth is that the technology world is changing at an exponential pace.

There is no technology which can give you an assurance of a high-paying job happily ever-after like a fairy-tale ending. But there is one skill which can – Learnability!

Learnability is indeed the most important soft-skill for today which you need to keep improving to ensure that you stay relevant always.  

How to improve learnability?

Nurture your curiosity and Increase your Greed for Knowledge

Learn relevant new skills not only because it’s related to your job, learn for the sake of learning. This is the best kind of greed to feed and nurture which will keep you ignited and in high spirits. Be curious of your environment and understand how things work instead of blindly accepting and following the things happening around you. The more you learn, you become aware of how much more is there to be learnt and known, and so the thirst for knowledge thrives.

2017-07-24 14_46_42-Part 1_ Inside the Hungry Mind - What is Learnability_ - YouTube

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJK85JGLjtU

Never be content with your skill proficiency

You may be really good at your work and extremely efficient in what you do. But don’t let this expertise make you complacent and satisfied with what you know. Always try to learn new things what you don’t know already. Instead of just celebrating your strengths, it’s time to identify your weaknesses and learn skills related to your weak areas. You must get out of your comfort zone and keep challenging yourself instead of waiting for someone else to challenge you!

Remove the distractions and time-killers

This includes any kind of distractions which are addictive and time-killers. The topper on the list is Social Media! Use distractions with discipline and make the usage of such distractions conscious and time bound.

Take up new tasks

Take up tasks you have never done before. Take up new challenges and feel the adrenaline rush. Say “Yes” more often!

Hang out with different people

Expand your social circle and include people from different backgrounds and who are different from you. We always tend to hang out with like minded people. Next time you go on an outing, strike a conversation with the stranger sitting near you and make new friends.

Be more open minded

Follow and interact with people from different backgrounds and having different values. Learn to understand and appreciate the psychological diversity around you – in your team, your groups, your neighbourhood etc. This helps you to become more open minded and appreciative of the innumerable diversities of this amazing planet. An open mind is more open to absorbing new skills too!

Implement these changes and you will be surprised to see how your learnability curve strikes up!

Now that you have decided to stay focused on learning, let’s see steps on how to approach learning a new skill.

How to Learn a New Skill

Learning Style

There are three ways of learning any new skill:

  • Visual – “See and Learn” By visually absorbing the aspects and concepts of the skill. This can be achieved by reading, attending sessions and watching YouTube videos.
  • Auditory -”Listen and Learn” By listening to the nuances of the skill, which is also achieved by attending sessions, reading aloud, listening to podcasts and videos.
  • Physical – “Do and Learn” The most important aspect is by writing down or hands-on of what is learnt. This can be through writing blogs and practising the skill or technology.

The style which suits you may be a combination of all three in the right proportions and you need to identify what works best for you and constantly improvise.

You can know which is your most suited approamultisensory combination by taking the below assessment by Brian Tracy.


Getting Started

Now that you know your learning style, first identify the next skill you want to excel in, to take the next leap in your career graph.

List out all the content you need to learn the skill and intend to go through during this learning phase. This list should be prepared in consideration of your learning style which will make your learning faster and more effective.

This may include:

  • List of books and blogs to read
  • Videos to watch
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Blogs to write
  • Practise projects to work on
  • Any other planned activity you would do on a daily basis to make continuous progress.

With all these and much more content available on the internet, take the plunge with continued focus and never quit till you gain the expertise with this one.

Then pick up the next skill and go on…!

Concluding Thoughts

Always remember that any skill is learnable and there is absolutely no limit to what you can learn and achieve.

There should never be a dormancy in your learning curve, and there will never be a period of lull in your professional life.

Take your career growth in your own hands and Stay in Control!  Be high on Learnability and high in demand!


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